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County’s Brief description - The Monumental Heritage, Culture, Nature and Gastronomy are the pillars on which the tourist offer of the Fundão county is based on, which makes it a unique destination capable of offering memorable experiences. Nature lovers find in Serra da Gardunha and in the municipality of Fundão the best air quality in the country. Here the tourist can find dynamic tourism activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, or if you prefer, a more ecological sightseeing, nature observatories, ecological reserves and diving on the river beaches. It also stands out for its culture, gastronomy through products such as cherry, olive oil, mushrooms, among others. Fundão can also be a destination for meetings and seminars, displaying great room capacity for such practices.

Castelo Novo historical village - This is a place made of granite for sure, with colorful doors, flowered counters, but above all, it's a place worth visiting again! If you want to immerse yourself in history and heritage, Castelo Novo is the best place there is! We encourage you to visit this Historical Village of Portugal and to be held hostage of José Saramago's words. The climb to the Castle is worthwhile in itself, to charge batteries and contemplate the view over Serra da Gardunha, to feel time stop in the flight of the swallows over the Bell Tower or, simply to assimilate such unique place.

Montanha de Alpedrinha village - Home to one of the most famous Portuguese cardinals, D. Jorge da Costa, the village was also devastated by the Napoleonic Invasions. Carved in the stone of the east slope of Gardunha, the streets of the village suggest the ascent, guided by the silhouette of the towers of the Igreja Matriz and the winding path of the streets where, granite stone grain gives a unique texture to impressive buildings.

Xisto de Janeiro de Cima village - It is a unique village and it has reasons to be! Built with rolled stones extracted from the River Zêzere, the typical architecture of Janeiro de Cima enchants the visitors in a labyrinthine plot of small alleys, alleys and balconies with surprising corners. For those who have never tried a hand loom, this tip is for you. Visit Casa das Tecedeiras in the center of the village and learn all about the flax cycle, cultivated on the banks of the river, which today gives rise to modern and original pieces, woven by the village weavers.

Fundão Historic Center - At first glance, the name Fundão can make us imagine a city where the sun only shines at noon, however, those who come here are surprised by the space and the privileged view to Serra da Estrela and, above all, you feel at home. The symbol of the city is a fruit tree, revealing its true land origin(aka) agricultural origin. The town is calm and safe with numerous visiting options.