Município de Mêda

Largo do Município

6430-197 Mêda




The municipality of Mêda, “Where the Douro Meets the Mountain” , is a territory rich in castles and ruins, emblazoned houses, pillories, fragments and fountains with history and “stories”. With valleys and terraces populated by vineyards, olive groves and almond trees, Mêda is a place with history in every corner, with unforgettable places.

The Historic Village of Marialva , one of the 12 Historic Villages of Portugal, with its imposing granite walls of the Medieval Castle of the 18th century, as well as its magnificent citadel, in a setting that reveals a from the living relics of Portuguese ancestry, it transports the visitor to the deepest roots of the country's history.

Longroiva , with its Castle which is an important testament to the Templar architecture in the region and its thermal waters known since prehistoric times. In the first reigns, the thermal baths of Longroiva belonged to the Order of the Templars, passing in the time of D. Dinis, after extinction, to the Order of Christ.

The archaeological site of Vale do Mouro , in the parish of Coriscada, which is being restored. A heated triclinium spa was discovered here, rooms with polychrome mosaic, where the “Bacchus Panel” stands out, a monetary treasure of more than 4 600 copper and bronze coins, wine presses and warehouse, houses outside the perimeter of Villa with granaries, forges, smelting furnaces, potteries ... put this place at the forefront of research from the Roman and High Medieval period.

Medieval Market of Marialva - Recreation of the socio-economic environment and animation that lived at the time of the reign of D. Dinis in the important town of Marialva. Ideal place for the visitor to get lost in time and experience medieval uses and customs.

MÊDA100, MTB Race - international MTB event organized by the Municipality of Mêda, in partnership with a club licensed by the Portuguese Cycling Federation.