Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco

Praça do Municipio 6000-458 Castelo Branco

6000-458 Castelo Branco



Castelo Branco

Jardim do Paço -The Jardim do Paço Episcopal in Castelo Branco, classified as a NATIONAL MONUMENT, reveals itself as one of the most original examples of Baroque in Portugal.


Cargaleiro Museum - Constituted by two contiguous buildings - the Solar dos Cavaleiros, a mansion built in the 18th century, and a contemporary building - the Cargaleiro Museum is located in the heart of the historic area of the city, close to the Praça de Camões, popularly known as Praça Velha, and its main objective is the dissemination, study and conservation of the pieces that make up the collection of the Art Collection of the Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation.


Bordado (=Embroidery) Interpretation Center - The Interpretation Center aims to contribute to the revaluation, recovery, innovation and relaunch of the embroidery of Castelo Branco, the ex-libris of the city and the County, a unique form of artistic expression.


The Beach Pool - Praia de Castelo Branco Pool is a reference leisure area in the region, due to the excellent conditions it offers to bathers and the extensive areas of the water level and the surrounding countryside.


Kart Track - An infrastructure that enriches and enhances the Motorized Sports Park of Castelo Branco. The 1200 meters long and 10 meters wide track has a capacity for 34 karts on the starting grid. The infrastructure also has 8 boxes and also a control tower. The Castelo Branco kart track is another attraction for lovers of motor sports and also for those who like to live moments of adrenaline.